Super fast business

ClickFunnels helps you implement a high converting sales funnel for your product with ready to use marketing tools in one system.

How does this help your business?

Lets you get started selling online faster by taking away the big pressure of figuring out how to design and program a website built for selling – leaving you to just focus on filling out the sales copy.

Get ready to launch your business within minutes in just 4 steps.

How does it work?

1. Choose a funnel that fits your goal

Having a sales funnel increases the chances of turning your leads into customers. Once you pick, ClickFunnels prepares the entire funnel for you. All you need to do is to fill in the details and start selling.

Do you want to collect emails? sell your product? host a webinar or start a subscription based membership? You can make it happen right now without having to worry much about the technical stuff.

2. Next, Choose a design

Once you pick, a full sales funnel is laid out prompting you to choose the design for each step.

Each funnel has the pages and elements you require to make it a successful.

Tip: You can add or remove steps in the funnel and even select a different layout on each step of the funnel.

When you need a sales page, it generates a launch page, order form, upsell/downsell pages, and thank you pages with ready to edit headline, subheadline, sales video, call to action buttons and more.

When you need an optin page, it prepares the two step optin and thank you page.

For webinars, it prepares the registration page and thank you page with the broadcast page, replay page and countdown features.

One of the best features is the membership funnel and membership area. You can get started selling premium subscription content without having to worry about which membership system to place in your site.

Easily add exclusive content for members only.

Tip: You can further customize each page with the built in page builder.

3. Finishing touches

Fill in the page details such as the page title, your domain, permalink and tracking scripts. You can also assign a group to the funnel so that your funnels are categorized together in your dashboard.

4. Publish

You can choose how you want to publish each page. Each method has the codes ready for you to paste on your webpage whether you want a popup, a link that automatically registers your webinar participants, or even add it inside your Facebook Page.

In case you want to use it with WordPress, get the plugin to use it as pages or load your entire funnel inside.

What we like about it

The best page builder we have used

It is straightforward, easy to use and flexible. We like that it is really built to help you get your page done faster and professionally done.

Do you want that call to action button above the headline? Swap elements up or down or add extra elements in just a few clicks.

Need that same button somewhere else along the page? Use duplicate the button

Don’t need that element? Easily delete it without affecting how the page works or breaking it.

Design it the way you want to fit your brand colors

Choose the colors for your button, text and where to link to.

The style choices are so comprehensive you can change the size, add effects, make the button appear or disappear on certain events, or even animate it with fade in and fade out effects.

Each button can be unique by choosing the icons beside the text

Add more to the page

Need an extra headline, social sharing icons, buttons, feature images and more? It offers all of the elements you need on a sales page. You can also embed videos you have from your YouTube, Wistia, Vimeo accounts.

You can have the confidence to change the look of your site without going through the code or hiring a designer

Get done faster

Easy to find where you left off. Sort your funnels according to group, Recently updated or search for them by typing in the search bar.

Easily Identify which page converts best

Use the built in Split Testing tool to create variations to the page. You can duplicate and change some elements in the page or use a new template from scratch. Eliminates the need for connecting third party A/B split testing tools.

Sell products like a pro

Add products and start selling online. Just sign up for a payment gateway like Stripe and fill out the email you want to send to your customer after they purchase.

You can also choose to integrate other email autoresponder tools and payment gateways.

Easily add followup communication by email or text and automate the selling process.

Send digital downloads effortlessly

Wanted to offer short guides in exchange for your visitor’s contact details? This built in content delivery system helps you make that happen.

Optional upgrades (only for serious marketers) Backpack – affiliate program tool

Having affiliates is the best form of traffic to your site. It is word of mouth and you only have to pay them once they make the sale instead of spending on advertising that is a hit or miss with each visitor. Start an affiliate program for each product you add.

Actionetics – Email list management and sequence tool

It helps you manage contact profiles, segment email lists, send email broadcasts

Should you use this?

if you are new to launching your business online…

ClickFunnels is an excellent solution. It has all the essential marketing tools you could ever need in one for any type of business. You don’t have to worry about which membership software, landing pages, order forms to use then still figure out how to tie them all together.

If you are a seasoned marketer…

This frees up the time of logging in each tool and using it separately.

If you want to simplify your team…

This empowers you to make design changes by yourself or a tech savvy assistant without the risk of breaking any code. Frees up going back and forth with the changes you want between you and your web developer.

If you are a designer…

You can offer this complete package to your clients.

How does it compare to Leadpages?

Overall the dashboard loads faster and less cluttered. It is easier to look for your funnels and pages without having to scroll through a big list of pages.

It offers more tools than LeadPages. It prepares the pages you need and guides you step by step without having to worry which page you missed.

Each template is flexible instead of fixed so you can design it the way you want.

On the plus side, LeadPages templates look better.

Pricing: Depending on your needs, ClickFunnels puts a limit on the number of funnels, pages and domains you can create. LeadPages offers unlimited pages.

Even with some limitations, ClickFunnels gives you more value by offering the marketing tools you can readily use instead of figuring out how to combine other tools just to make it work.

How does it compare to OptimizePress?

Easier to get started with the pages planned out for you. With OptimizePress, you still have to worry about installing the theme and plugin, map out a funnel and create the pages yourself.

How does it compare to 10MinuteFunnels?

The Page builder is the best we have tested and more intuitive. The user interface is easier to navigate around. 10MinuteFunnels is a competitor with similar features although it has a slight learning curve. One difference is having visual way to view your funnel in a beautiful mind map form instead of stacked steps.