Digital 1 Publishing

An online publishing platform using drag and drop functionality for ease of creation of various products including sophisticated websites, blog pages, blog posts, social media posts and standalone web pages with their own URL, amongst others.

The key is that no knowledge of coding is required for slick designs and making amendments or editing as you wish is quick and easy on a user-friendly platform. There is no need to involve IT specialists or expensive web builders.

The service is basically to standalone pages what YouTube is to videos, Instagram is to images and SoundCloud is to sound clips. It helps you to share what you are passionate about even without a blog by giving you pages that live and breathe on the internet.

In just three clicks you can publish a standalone page with its own URL, enrich it with loads of features using simple drag and drop technology and then share it on social media. It is as quick and simple as MS Word and as powerful and flexible as a website builder.