Digital 1 Mobile

Digital 1 Mobile is your one-stop go-to mobile telecoms service, providing your business with calling and data plans to suit even the most specific requirements. Your business will have its own sim cards and handsets as well as its own separate billing system. This is the mobile service of the future!

Digital 1 Mobile is a dedicated mobile network, allowing you to focus on what your business does best, leaving us to handle the negotiations in securing the best mobile plans and contracts at the most competitive prices. No more crippling phone bills, especially helpful for start-ups and SMEs that need to focus on building their profits, keeping expenses to a minimum.

We create the tariffs while supplying all the devices to you and your team, whether home or office based, or on the road.Choose the calling plan and data plans that suit each of your team and receive one monthly bill for your tailor-made package, directly from us, feeling confident that you are receiving a top-notch service at the most reasonable prices.