About Us

Digital 1 was created by ROCKSTAR HUBS INTERNATIONAL (www.RockstarHubs.International) to provide a “business in a box” service to SMEs wanting convenience and cost effective services. With over 8000 clients in some 10 years of mentoring entrepreneurs, ROCKSTAR has brought together some of the best strategies and business knowledge on the planets to assist Entrepreneurs build their businesses. Clients can sign up for an account to include all or just some of the services depending on their requirements which means that they are not paying for any service they are not using.

The service consists of all or any of the following:

  • Digital 1 Desktop
  • Digital 1 Mobile
  • Digital 1 Publishing
  • Digital 1 CRM
  • Digital 1 Telemarketing
  • Digital 1 Forensics
  • Digital 1 Legal
  • Digital 1 Financial
  • Digital 1 Social Media
  • Digital 1 Funding
  • Digital 1 Sales Funnels
  • Digital 1 Online Banking

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